Sunday, October 7, 2012

UFO 6 & 7 Halloween UFOS, Eagle in simmer

Hi, my name is Laura and I have been silent.  My UFOS however, have been very noisey.  I just started a full time job two weeks ago, and that has cut into my quilting time drastically.  The job is great, but now I find myself in a constant time crunch and the demand for attention from the house chores, etc has been a challenge.

However, I still have the Eagle perculating.  I had asked the question about trapunto under the applique, which Leah Day was kind enough to respond too.  I had thought to trapunto the blue body as a whole.  But that means no definition in the middlle of quilt, just fluff.  So now I have a new idea simmering, while I make a date to get to the local quilt shop during lunch one day to get the thread to start quilting the trapunto outline.  

What if I pick random feathers to trapunto?  A few tail feathers, maybe three per side, and one between the legs.  A select bunch inside the blue body, to ennuciate the different dark blues I used.  And then maybe a few select wing feathers? I'm thinking of doing individual blocks for the body and tail, and maybe the whole strip for the length of the wing... This is getting more complicated as I think and simmer.  hmm, and maybe the beak?

So what have I actually been working on?  Oh - did anyone else notice its OCTOBER!  I promised my girls some costumes... yikes!


1st graders Tangled costume. - 1/3 done
There is the skirt right sides inside with over skirt, and I'm working on pulling the basting thread on the waist line to gather the two layers small enough to pin to the bodice.  I have the bodice in the middle (right sides together) pinned to match seam lines on all three peices.  Gah!  Now to pull those threads - carefully now.   When I get this done I have a whole sceen of yarn to braid into the hair piece.

Good news - 3 yr old boy will be spiderman, bought off the shelf at Walmart - just have to hem pants and sleeves.  15 minutes tops - if he chooses to hold still.

2nd grader - royal princess - not started.  She wants the lower right, purple for her.
But for the best and easiest project - add some monster eyes to your house this Halloween.  One black trashbag per window, slit open to fit your window.  Cut out eye hole, cover hole in tissue paper iris and white paper eyeball.  And then fold carefully and reuse next year.  You need good light in the room to get the spooky effect.   Here was todays five minute decorating for this room.  Glare is from street lamp.
Happy Sewing, Quilting or decorating,


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  1. Enjoy the Halloween costume years... they grow up fast! My daughter always went for the princess look too.