Sunday, September 23, 2012

UFO Sunday #5, Eagle Trapunto Update

I had a little happy dance when I got the box with all the goodies from,   including the water soluble thread for the Trapunto layer of the Eagle quilt.

But first, I had to finish off daughter #2 dress.  A project promised and started while I was in some down time waiting for the thread.  Here she is, my 1st grader.  Some minor adjustments to her size are needed, my petite girl needs the straps taken in at the back, but that is a quick fix.


Now to the Eagle Trapunto update. I had the eagle up on the hangers and I showed my husband the design. He looked at it, cocked his head sideways, stood back and then started rearranging the glad press n seal.  So glad this stuff is so flexible.  He pointed out the stripes should be wide at the star ( huh, ok ).  Here is his design.

So then, after fixing the direction of the stripes, I thought it still needed some work on the design.  The picture above didn't show the motion, or flow I wanted to feel.  Below is the star burst effect in one corner that I came up with.  Again, without the flexibility of Glad press n seal, these changes would of taking more time.

I was thinking in some down time that my trapunto design is very open, and I wondered if I could save batting, for other projects by measuring out pieces to fit the stars and stripes. I did this and then saved half of the Single size batting I was using.

You have to be careful pinning these sections.  Sometimes the corners would overlap another piece and I would trim the overlap away so it stayed at one layer.

So here is the back after the first layer

In this next picture I put the layers together and then ironed around the trapunto to make it stand out better for the photo.  I have not sewn the layers together.  

Question:  Should I try to trapunto the blue body of the eagle? I'm worried that the weight of the applique will negate any extra batting I add.

That is it for this week  I have just been hired for a full time job, and going to attend a conference in Atlanta this next week.  So I'll continue to work on the Eagle and post updates on Sunday - it just won't be such big jumps of progress.


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