Sunday, August 26, 2012

Project #1 finished! Halloween Table Runner

So,  I have the machine setup and half way through the training videos I think I'm ready to actually tackle a real project.  I have a stash of halloween fabrics I've been collecting for years (you might think I am joking but one salvage edge said 2000, and another said 2002!).  I want to have something fun on the table for the end of October.  We have birthdays on the 29th and 30th with Halloween on the 31st, so its always a festive couple of days.

I asked the girls, 1st and 2nd graders this year, what they think of when they think of Halloween?  Answers: "Pumpkins!  Witches!"  Ok, so I googled online photos of Halloween quilt blocks, and had some graph paper handy to take down some rough sketches of what I liked.

2 pumpkin blocks, and 2 witch blocks later, with a lot of new free motion techniques thanks to Free Motion Quilt Project by Leah Day: ("curly cucumbers" for hair, stippling for cream background, changed Leahs "icicle lights" to my "dangley spiders" in the tight border by adding a little satin stitch to fill in the body and adding another set of legs to make 8, pointy elongated stipple to evoke the feel of the pumpkin sections, etc.

Hope you enjoy!

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