Friday, August 31, 2012

Video Library

My video library consists of my favorite You Tube Videos:

I am not an expert at quilting, and have never made a "show" quilt.  It is however on the list of things to do in the future.  For now, my goal is to learn free motion quilting, and along the way learn new techniques and gain knowledge anyway I can.  I have taken two quilt classes, and have had 12+ years of stitching in the ditch.  It is time to expand my knowledge, and with a new machine and some time, I'll get there.  I will add to these as I go, so I can find them again.  Help yourself to my "video" library...

Here are some helpful places I've found for learning different techniques:

Applique - Satin Stitch  I found this to be a great applique video, covers how to go around corners, etc.  However, I found in another video the idea of starting and ending with a straight stitch to lock the thread in place.  Once I started doing that, my Satin stitch stayed tight on the ends.  To Start:  go forward and reverse the same number of stitches and then start with satin stitching.  Satin stitching will cover up your starting stitches.  To end in reverse, change your stitch style to straight stitch on your machine, and then after the needle moves back to the middle, make sure to lift your foot and slide your fabric so the needle straight stitch will line up with the outside edge of your satin stitching.  If you forget..  you end up with dimples going back through your pretty satin stitching.

Free Motion Quilting:    Leah Day is amazing, and has 365 free motion designs from her first blog project online in you tubes.  All nicely sorted by style or by experience level.  Each design has its own video.  So much more to see.  My favorite place so far.

Mitered Corners

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