Sunday, September 16, 2012

UFO Sunday #4 Update

I took a break from the Eagle this week.  I ordered water soluble thread and so many other goodies from The Free Motion Quilt - online store.  And I found it in the mail box yesterday. So next week will be focused on the trapunto layer of the Eagle.  YEAH!

However, this week was about simmering ideas about the fill design on the eagle....  and

1.  My #1 daughter (2nd grader) came to me several weeks ago with a drawing and asked me if I could make her a dress.  A trip to the fabric store and an hour in the sewing patterns resulted in dress patterns for both girls (#2 daughter in 1st grade).   So this week was about getting as much done on these two dresses as possible.

Here is the pattern.  She choose the long pink dress with the cap sleeves.  We made a few modifications.  First we cut the dress at the size 12 length on the bottom, instead of the size 8 she is.  Then we eliminated the dropped ruffle skirt look.  #1 daughter also had drawn a pink belt on her orange dress, so we made that up from scratch, with 45 degree ends, like a ribbon.  No jacket.

Front view

Back view

2.  Here is #2 daughters dress. She chose the blue "fairy dress" on the pattern picture.

Here is the top with two layered ruffle sleeves on shoulder strap, with lining.  It is complete.  I am now working on the skirt and underslip with ruffle today, then zipper and I'll update with fashion show photos when its complete.

Both of these projects used costume satin which is slippery stuff!!  Pinned these pieces every two inches to keep them firmly in place.  But these Simplicity patterns were a good warm up for Halloween.  Girls have picked out Princess costumes, so I have added two more UFO projects in the ASAP column of my list!

But, I have also removed a few things from the UFO list too!

1.  I thought this summer, after the move, that I would recover a few pieces that needed desperate TLC.  I have pair of library chairs from my grandparents that needed to be updated.  Here is before and after:

I also had the following chair and ottoman on my list, but after sending photos to my Aunt, who taught upholstery and had her own business - this is now going to be a outsourced project.  So this is off the list!

Looking forward to Trapunto-ing the Eagle over this next week!



  1. Oh well done! I can't sew a garment with a pattern for the life of me lol, I am very envious of those who can! And I love how you recovered the chair, I did something similar with a chair that I found at a garage sale for 10$ a few years ago, beautiful hardwood frame but nasty old cushions :D

  2. I love that you are so supportive of your daughters creativity. The chair is much better. I also look forward to seeing the trapunto work next week.

  3. The sewing of dresses and such, is a generational thing. My greatgrand mother sewed dresses for her daughters, and then her granddaughters dolls. My mom still has those dolls and dresses. My Grandmother sewed, and I have her Singer - it was my first. My mother taught me how to read a pattern, and luck for me - I can call her when I get stuck! lol. So I'm just trying to continue the tradition. Its a nice break, but I look forward to getting back into the Eagle.

  4. You are such a multi talented person Laura. I love the pretty dresses for your pretty girls. You did a great job on the upholstery too. I can see you will keep us well entertained with your talents.