Thursday, September 6, 2012

UFO to WIP : Eagle - Quilting plan

UFO (UnFinished Object) to WIP (Work In Progress) : Eagle

She is flying!  The Top is done.  See previous UFO #1 Eagle Post to see her story of struggle, from stuck to strutting her stuff.  I moved, and got a new machine for my birthday this summer and with a new corner to call my own, I'm up and quilting.

Things I've tried new so far in previous post:

  • applique of Eagle
  • satin stitching Eagle
  • Embroidery of name

This post however is the story of her quilting.  I have never quilted out of the ditch, except on small table runners (see projects #1 and #2 on blog).  This Eagle is a challenge and a great learning experience all in one.  Here she is in color.

These are the new things I am learning this week, trying for the first time:

1. Auditioning quilting patterns on black and white copy of Eagle.  I took a color photo, changed it to black and white on the computer and printed off several copies.  I then thought about saving trees and space and found some left over plastic page protectors.  Slid the black and white image in the page protector, and found a wet erase pen.  Dry erase always ends up on my hands, so wet erase is what I used to make the following "auditions".  Here is Leah Days blog on auditioning quilting designs:

Above is black and white image.  Below is Audition #1, sun rays radiating from behind the Eagle...

Second audition, after looking at google images of trapunto, and seeing a star puffed out...  Audition #2 A take on patriotic bunting... Page protector only in this photo.

Slid black and white Eagle image back in page protector in this image.

Overview of patriotic bunting audition with black and white image on left, page protector and wet erase pen.

2. I am designing a trapunto effect into this quilt.  I have never done this before and I have a mock up of a star pattern that I want puffy, and a swirl that I want puffy.  I am just going to micro stipple the surrounding areas.  I think this will look better than the patriotic bunting, auditioned above as option #2, but have a similar hint of patriotic flair.  Bunting seemed too busy, strict, and didn't allow the eye to flow easily to the Eagle.  Here is Leah Days blog on trapunto :  Another video I lucked into, Patsy Thompsons trapunto on quilting  I couldn't find these videos on Patsy's own blog  so go here instead!!! :

3. Testing sample sandwiches of quilting material and batting to try these techniques out before using on Eagle.  Let me be brutally honest.  After 10 years of stitching in the ditch I am very aware of how many things I need to reach out and try.  And the above may seem intimidating (to me), so testing out techniques and pattern seems to be the best way to get myself ready and trained to do my Eagle.  At this point, the last thing I want to do is be unhappy with the final quilt.  Tops have always been my favorite, but now it is time to push the boundaries to become a more well rounded quilter.

The gold sandwich below is the first layer of batting I will use, and it is the same gold fabric from the top of the Eagle.  I am planning on stitching that star, cutting out the excess batting around it, adding the second layer of batting and then micro stippling in the circle to get experience.  I'm wondering "what happens? how does it look? will it look as cool as I think?"

I am thinking of doing some thread art around the head to lead the white head feathers into the navy body feathers, using white, tan and gold thread...  next blog, more to think on.  Will that look ok on a piece that I wouldn't consider an "art" piece, but a pieced top?  How many new techniques are too many for one quilt??

Here we go!

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